Health Care

Africa has only 2.3 health workers per 1,000 people.

Sub-Saharan Africa has 24% of the global burden of disease but only 3% of the world’s health workforce.

The World Health Organization estimates there is a critical shortage of 2.4 million doctors, nurses and midwives in 57 countries around the world.

The physician-to-population ratio is 18 per 100,000 people continent-wide in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Six preventable causes account for 73% of deaths in children under 5: pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, neonatal pneumonia or sepsis, preterm delivery, and asphyxia at birth.



We desire to bring hope and change with every "just good" we sell. When purchasing a MOYO tie you are able to choose the initiative to which 20% of your purchase will be donated. If the health care initiative is chosen 20% of the purchase price will be donated to a charitable organization specializing in that area in the country of origin.

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